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Trump Mania 

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TRUMP MANIA reveals how to double salaries, retirements and Social Security and at the same time Freezes retail prices to give Americans double the money. We are sick of government official shenanigans, 97% of American citizen’s own computers or phones to for vote for Congressional and legislative laws. Read more about this plan below.

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Trump Mania II

Get it now at Amazon Electronic $4.89  Paperback $24.95

President Donald Trump to Receive the Coveted BRASS BALLS AWARD


President Trump is scheduled to be awarded the Brass Balls Award on January 20th 2018, his first year as America’s President to commemorate his presidential anniversary: see below:

Read Trump Mania II and Check out a National Multi Winner's Lottery. Don’t forget to read about the $50,000 grant given when citizens turn 21 to help them get a good start in life. Then read about the Citizens Congressional and Legislative Voting Accounts and many other plans, programs and explanations that hopefully President Trump will use to make America great again. And we’re just getting started…..

AMFC Incorporated is now expanding their literary concepts to make life greater for all Americans. We are now sponsoring many new government programs and policies along with our humorously serious renditions of self-improvement programing for American citizens. Thru much research, our staff at AMFC Incorporated nonprofit 501C3 has determined many national and local government programs and policies need to be changed to stop frustrations, aggravations and violence that millions of American Citizens are experiencing.

One of the most horrible tragedies that happened to our American society was years ago with the advancement of a certain Producer who was able to advance his ridiculing character assassinations of making fun of several different American citizens.

Producer Norman Lear is guilty of promoting prejudice to promote hatred towards races, nationalities, female equality and many other prejudices.

He was the producer of ALL in the FAMILY and SANFORD and SON that programed a whole generation of American's to be critical of others.

(Please join us in boycotting the: 40th annual Kennedy Center honors on Tuesday, December 26, 2017 at 9:00-11:00 P.M. on CBS Television Network)

You may also sign our petition to take away Norman Lear’s national arts award at:


Turn back to a time before cable and other means of entertainment programming. Oh there he is, Norman Lear, the creator of the television programs, All IN THE FAMILY and SANFORD AND SON. These two programs alone were enough to influence a whole generation of American’s to becoming close-minded to the differences of other races, colors, nationalities, religions, ages, genders, etc. of other people. Truly, Norman Lear was the epitome of a whole generation of Americans who watched and laughed their way into disrespect and prejudice to all people different from us. Lear did not promote tolerance, acceptance or any kind of Americanism.

Now this totally disdained person in the age of continued melodrama influence and global citizenry comes forth to deny and refute to that which he influenced and helped mold into a singularity of non-acceptance and prejudice rationality. Norman Lear needs to be removed from the position of national honor and stripped of any awards of Americanism. His statements against President Trump are near criminal in effect. Lear should get it in the rear as he set back America’s social development by a hundred years.

In further explanation what is most important is, we all need to learn what is good and what is bad. The shame is that most of what we learn is by looking back to what is called hindsight. The problem of learning from that previous experience is that once we have had that terrible occurrence we certainly do not want to go back there again to risk having it happen all over again.



Stop Money Influence in Congress and all levels of government

We need to update the way laws are passed in America? 97% of registered voters have their own Computers or phones who can Vote individually for every Bill presented to Congress, state capitols, county, city, town halls all across America. Now is the time we Americans can stop the influence of big time corporate and all money influences. We need to force government leaders to redefine what duties Congressmen and legislators do such as; they only need to count and present citizen’s votes cast for all Law's and Bill's presented to Congress and other levels of government-such as state, county, city, etc.

Please go to www.moveon.org or click on the address below to sign our petition to make President Trump hear our pleas to make America greater than its’ ever been before:




Brass Balls

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