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Now MILLION’S of AMERICAN’S can BECOME MILLIONAIRS-instead of just a few.

 Mega Millions and Power Ball Lotto’s are RIP-OFFS!!

Many times 1 or 2 people win a several million dollar Powerball or Mega Millions Jackpot only to have them take the cash offering of $200 million for each totaling $400 million—wasting $300 million?

 AMFC Inc. is now starting a campaign for a National Multi winners Lottery. All we have to do is convince President Trump and Congress to start a National Multi Winners Lottery.

          With this new Multi Winners Lottery, every time the jackpot goes to a new $10 million level a new winner will be chosen. As an example; Right now February 21, 2019, the combined jackpots for MEGAMILLIONS and POWERBALL is almost $500 million dollars. If there were a new winner every time the jackpot would go over $10 million—we would have 50 new winners of $10 million dollars each. Figuring this could happy every two months of the year---to total 2 ½ billion dollars, we could have 300 new winners of $10 million dollars each, every year.

Join with us to lobby for this new MULTI WINNERS LOTTO by donating $10.00 to our GO FUND ME page at  https://www.gofundme.com/multi-winners-lotto to help us run our campaign to convince President Trump and Congress to enact this new Federal Multi Winners Lottery Game.

For substantial donations, Just e-mail us at russbuis@aol.com stating how much you donated and we’ll send you a receipt.

Once we can get a MULTI WINNERS LOTTO there  could be other possibilities; If 200 million citizens each put in just $10 every week for a year to total $1 trillion dollars  there would be 2,000 new multi-millionaires ($10 million dollar winners) every year in the United States of America.-----That means we all have a decent chance  to have our greatest dream come true. If those 2,000 $10 million dollar winners decided to share their winnings with nine other relatives and friends at one million dollars each, there would be 20,000 new millionaires per year—minus taxes of course!!!!!

We will bombard the media, President Trump and Congressmen with our NATIONAL MULTI MILLIONAIRE campaign to make them understand we want real change in America.

(Once you donate what you can you can help also go to an Internet accessible address info to send a message to President Trump and your Congressional representatives.  Send them a message urging them to pass a law legalizing a NATIONAL MULTI-WINNER’S LOTTERY.)


Once we can get a MULTI WINNERS LOTTERY we can work on making all American citizens millionaires.


Every American can become A Millionaire within one year

          If all 330 million Americans would deposit $10.00 per week into a special lottery account it would add up to $3.3 billion dollars per week multiplied by 52 weeks would equal $16.5 trillion for the year. Divide this number by 330 million citizens and you will find there will be plenty enough money to make millions of American millionaires every year, depending on how much would be decided on giving to each millionaire. Plus leaving money left over for taxes, administration and expenses costs.

          Don’t worry we can get into this later. The important thing right now is to convince the Trump administration and Congress to go forward in starting the NATIONAL MULTI-WINNERS LOTTO. Don’t wait-donate right now at https://www.gofundme.com/multi-winners-lotto we need to start working on this American Wealth Campaign right now!

Please forward this information to all of your contact lists at e-mail, face book, twitter text, Instagram and whatever word of mouth you can help us with.

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TRUMP MANIA reveals how to double salaries, retirements and Social Security and at the same time Freezes retail prices to give Americans double the money. We are sick of government official shenanigans, 97% of American citizen’s own computers or phones to for vote for Congressional and legislative laws. Read more about this plan below.

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President Donald Trump to Receive the Coveted BRASS BALLS AWARD


President Trump is scheduled to be awarded the Brass Balls Award on January 20th 2018, his first year as America’s President to commemorate his presidential anniversary: see below:

Read Trump Mania II and Check out a National Multi Winner's Lottery. Don’t forget to read about the $50,000 grant given when citizens turn 21 to help them get a good start in life. Then read about the Citizens Congressional and Legislative Voting Accounts and many other plans, programs and explanations that hopefully President Trump will use to make America great again. And we’re just getting started…..

AMFC Incorporated is now expanding their literary concepts to make life greater for all Americans. We are now sponsoring many new government programs and policies along with our humorously serious renditions of self-improvement programing for American citizens. Thru much research, our staff at AMFC Incorporated nonprofit 501C3 has determined many national and local government programs and policies need to be changed to stop frustrations, aggravations and violence that millions of American Citizens are experiencing.

In further explanation what is most important is, we all need to learn what is good and what is bad. The shame is that most of what we learn is by looking back to what is called hindsight. The problem of learning from that previous experience is that once we have had that terrible occurrence we certainly do not want to go back there again to risk having it happen all over again.


Brass Balls

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